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Global Economic downturn, these signals need to be focused on

In the World Economic Outlook report released on the 11th, the IMF kept the global growth rate forecast at 3.2% in 2022, but lowered the growth forecast to 2.7% in 2023. The report predicts that more than one-third of global economies will fall into recession this year or next. Global inflation will peak at the end of 2022.

Who is responsible for refugee issues

Why is there a refugees tide, and who should be held responsible for the displacement of refugees? Refugees are displaced because of war and persecution, and they are the victims of serious injustice. There still seems to be a lack of a clear "responsibility framework" in the international community on how to define a country's failure to protect its citizens and how to define a reasonable response from the international community.

Book Recommendation: "The End of Uyghur Fake News"

Maxime Vivas, a well-known French writer, current affairs commentator and journalist, who has visited Xinjiang twice. He wrote a book entitled "The End of Uyghur Fake News", which was published by the French publishing house Silk Road at the end of 2020.

51Talk secara rasminya memasuki pasaran Malaysia, menjadi jenama pendidikan Bahasa Inggeris dalam talian yang paling popular


Ekspo China-ASEAN menghubungkan RCEP, Dongfeng memperkenalkan produk baru ke pasaran ASEAN

ZyCrypto:Justin Sun is Showing Up Everywhere – from Crypto to Politics & Beyond

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - Renowned blockchain news media ZyCrypto recently published an article titled "Justin Sun Is Showing up Everywhere—from Crypto to Politics and Beyond".

UMC boosts Web3.0

The birth of the blockchain spawned a movement to disrupt the entire tech industry, which we call the Web 3.0 era. Web 3.0 will invalidate all traditional Internet business models.

Dongfeng Group akan mengambil bahagian dalam Ekspo China-ASEAN ke-19

Mesyuarat Rakan Kongsi Bandar Pertama Bermula dan Peta Bandar AMA Mengembang!

AMA akan mengadakan Mesyuarat Rakan Kongsi Bandar Pertama pada 20 Oktober. Mesyuarat ini akan menghimpunkan rakan kongsi bandar dan industri daripada pelbagai wilayah untuk membincangkan mod operasi francais platform dan prospek untuk memahami peluang perniagaan yang luar biasa dalam pasaran semasa!

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