A Look Into Vice President Robredo's Grassroots Fundraising, Was Protocol Followed

Spokesperson Mrs Esther Teo Siao Ki In The Mahasamaya Sutta Online Chanting Course Completion Ceremony


2023 Hebei Brand Promotion— Food & Hotel Malaysia Expo

To enhance the publicity and influence of “Hebei Brand", and trade promotion for enterprises in Hebei Province, “2023 Hebei Brand Promotion— Food & Hotel Malaysia Expo”,hosted by Hebei Provincial Convention & Exhibition Promotion Center (Hebei International Business Information Center) ,organizer by Jiangsu New international Convention & Exhibition (Group) Co., Ltd, has been successfully held in Kuala Lumpur Convention and Exhibition Centre on 19th-22th September.

International Engineering Exhibition 2023 (Jakarta, Indonesia) Successfully Opened

"2023 Group Venture Partner Recruitment Plan Launched, Jointly Building an 'Innovation Rainforest'"

On July 18, 2023, the 2023 Group Venture Partner Recruitment Plan (hereafter referred to as "the 2023 Program") for the Haidian Cluster of the Beijing Free Trade Zone's Science and Technology Innovation Area officially kicked off in the north area of Zhongguancun Science City.

Persidangan komunikasi rangkaian antarabangsa diadakan di Xinjiang, Barat Laut China

Persidangan Komunikasi Internet Antarabangsa "Hello, Silk Road" yang pertama telahpun diadakan pada 23 Julai di Karamay, Wilayah Autonomi Uygur Xinjiang, barat laut China.

BE@RBRICK MACAU 2023 Coming into Town

The "BE@RBRICK MACAU Art Exhibition" held by Forward Fashion Group since 2019 has become one of the trendiest art events in the city. It has consistently garnered love and anticipation from art enthusiasts and tourists alike, drawing them to Macao to participate in the event.

Opportunities in Hainan Free Trade Port

Waki Relic Museum In Malaysia Held The Buddha’s Finger Replica Relic Veneration Ceremony

(WAki International Media Center 19th July) The speech of Dr. Teo Choo Guan, President of Waki Relic Museum on The Buddha’s Finger Replica Relic Veneration Ceremony at Waki Relic Museum, Malaysia on 8th July 2023.

Persidangan Permulaan Pelaburan Global Sime Darby akan diadakan

Sime Darby bina pelabuhan perdagangan antarabangsa utama dunia

Kekuatan dicipta, Sime Darby bersedia untuk melancarkan platform perkhidmatan perdagangan terunggul di dunia.